Hallin Cottage, Waternish, Isle of Skye, Scotland
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Activity and places of interest

The Waternish peninsula is a beautiful, wild and fascinating place.

It is ideal walking country with magnificent views and history around every corner. It is also the ideal place to explore the rest of the Isle of Skye.Here are few notes on the many attractions of Waternish.

Close to Hallin is the charming fishing village Stein. Among the little cottages in Stein is the famous Lochbay seafood restaurant and the oldest inn on Skye, the charming and welcoming Stein inn.

Also you will find here a fully equipped Diving centre. Also worth visiting for a special occasion is the the Three Chimneys restaurant, Colbost, Dunvegan.

For wildlife lovers and walkers there are plenty of walks, two places of special note are Sgorr with it's cliff top walk and wildlife sighting point and Waternish point with it's lighthouse and views of Seabirds the chance to see whales and dolphins.

Hallin Cottage view
Ardmore Bay The Clans
From ancient times the dominant clans of Skye were the MacLeods and the MacDonalds, and also the MacKinnons. The MacLeods main seat was Dunvegan Castle, some 10 miles from the cottage.

The MacDonalds had various strongholds, Armadale Castle in the south of Skye and Duntulm Castle, North of Portree. Sadly very little is left of Duntulm in its high and exposed position on the clifftops of Trotternish. Dunvegan Castle is intact, although much altered over the years, it is worth a visit. The MacDonalds also had extensive lands in the Outer Isles, and were the Lords of the Isles. Huge rivalry existed between these clans, and feuding was commonplace.

It is perhaps interesting to note that there were no roads worth speaking about on Skye until the road to Stein was made about 1790 when a fisheries project was launched to try to increase employment in the area. The Stein Inn is Skye's oldest pub. There were of course rough tracks, but also, as with the MacDonalds, people went from place to place by boat.

It may be noticed that there are various areas of Skye that end in the letters "nish" eg Waternish, Trotternish etc. "nish" being Norse for a point.
Trumpan Church
In May 1578 a terrible event took place at Trumpan Church about 4 miles North of the cottage. While the MacLeod congregation were at their Sunday service a party of MacDonalds set fire to the church, having first made sure there was no way out for those attending the service. This party of MacDonalds had arrived by boat from the Outer Isles and came ashore at the beautiful Ardmore Bay, of which there is a photo, left. One person did escape from Trumpan Church, and raised the alarm. The MacDonalds did not leave quickly as the tide was too low to launch their boats. Revenge was not long in coming and the Macdonalds were massacred. It is believed that the Trumpan episode was revenge for a similarly gruesome event concerning a cave on the Isle of Eigg.
Trumpan Church
Photo by kind permission of www.thesonsofscotland.co.uk

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